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A simple AutoTrash mod that will basically auto trash item that the player collected (if specified). Made by DrOreo002#3387 with the help of Mizzion#0436 and Mabel#0586 (Part of Stardew Valley discord community)

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This is a really simple mod that I made because I kept finding trash while mining and I'm too poor to buy a new backpack. Anyway, yes this is the first version of the plugin and I would like to tell you that this is not fully tested with every single item in the game. So you might experience some bugs or even the worst case is it will literally trash all of your item. But do not worry!, I'll make a trash can menu feature for later :D

Incompatible with
- CJB Show Item Price mod

This mod is really simple to use, you only need to press 2 keys, L and K. First you add the item into your trash list my selecting it and click L, then to remove it you can use K and it will open a UI with your trash list. There you can click the delete button to remove it from your trash list

Simple configuration atm. Will add more features later

  "EnableTrashNotification": true, # Should we enable the trash notification?
  "DisableAddMessageOnTrash": true # Should we disable the item pickup message when item is trashed?