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Festive title screen CP replacement, with snowy nature & red-nosed reindeer flying past.

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A festive title screen replacement for Content Patcher, featuring snowy nature, red-nosed reindeer flying past instead of birds, a festive hat on one of the easter eggs, and the same recoloured graphics of the title and buttons as I made before. 
This is a new version of my Somewhat Festive Title Screen, which I'm uploading as a separate version because I figure it's different enough to be separate (some people may not want the additional edits this version has). 

See the video for full preview!

This version has English and Spanish support (Spanish edit courtesy of notSagyo) built in. For other languages feel free to make your own edits. 

If you have the Somewhat Festive Title Screen mod, remove that folder before adding this one. The mod will be incompatible with other mods that replace the title mountain parts of LooseSprites/Cursors.xnb and the title tree parts of Minigames/Clouds.xnb, and the entirety of the title graphics file Minigames/TitleButtons.xnb. It doesn't replace the whole images of Cursors or Clouds so it may be compatible with other mods on that end.

Download, unzip, and put the [CP] Festive Title Screen folder into your Mods folder. Remove the folder if you no longer want to use the mod. Since this is a cosmetic (graphic only) mod, it's safe to add or remove it at any time (whenever the game is not running).

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