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Christmas replacement for Journey of the Prairie King (arcade game) in the Stardrop Saloon. Cosmetic replacement only, for Content Patcher.

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This mod replaces some of the graphics for Journey of the Prairie King with Christmas-themed graphics where you play as Santa hurling presents at monsters, collect cookies and drink milk, get help from angels and snowmen. 
It also recolours the arcade machine itself, and the "ARCADE" sign in the saloon to red and green. 

See video for full preview! (Note: sound in video is only for video purposes, the mod does not contain any new sounds.)

The mod is functional, but incomplete. I haven't replaced anything past the desert levels; the monsters are the same as before; etc, and I may not work on it any further. If anyone wants to help finish replacing the rest of the game graphics, feel free to message me or to grab my files and keep working on it on your own, I don't mind as long as you credit me for my work. 

This mod only replaces the necessary graphics, and therefore may or may not be compatible with other mods that replace images from the same files (LooseSprites/Cursors.xnb and Maps/townInterior.xnb). If you have other mods that only replace parts of those image files but not the entire files, it should be compatible. 

For Content Patcher. The mod is only available in English but works for other language versions. 

Download, unzip, and put the [CP] Santa's Journey folder into your Mods folder. Remove the folder if you no longer want to use the mod. Since this is a cosmetic (graphic only) mod, it's safe to add or remove it at any time (whenever the game is not running).

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