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Allow the player to set the max population of the Deluxe Barn/Coop to a set number (Paid for with gold).

Permissions and credits
Do you haveĀ  multiple Deluxe Barns or Deluxe Coops to hold all your animals? Well you can now have ONE of each to hold as many animals as you want.

Increased Animal House Population allows you to increase the max occupants that the Deluxe Barn or Deluxe Coop will hold. You just have to have the gold to pay for it.

Install Instructions:
1. Download the mod
2. Unzip the IncreaseAnimalHouseMaxPopulation from the zip file
3. Place that folder inside your "StardewValley\Mods" folder
4. Start the game.

Usage Instructions:
1. Load up the game
2. Hover your mouse over the Deluxe Barn/Coop. If you see your mouse cursor change, then you can upgrade that Barn/Coop
3. Left click on the Barn/Coop
4. Choose an option.
5. The data will be saved to your save file (Safely) when you save the game.

Configuration Settings

"EnableDebugMode": false, -> Whether debug mod should be turned on. Usually you will keep this false.
"EnableHoverTip": false, -> Whether the game will display information when you hover over the Deluxe Barn/Coop
"RefreshConfigButton": "F5", -> The button that will be pressed to refresh the config file. Available Keybindings
"MaxBarnPopulation": 20, -> The max occupants that the Deluxe Barn can hold.
"MaxCoopPopulation": 20, -> The max occupants that the Deluxe Coop can hold
"CostPerPopulationIncrease": 10000, -> The cost of the upgrade
"AutoFeedExtraAnimals": false, -> Whether the game should feed the extra animals each day.
"Cheats": {
"EnableFree": false -> Turns on or off the cost of the upgrade.

Custom Commands:
pop_reset -> Will reset the save data. Make sure you save after using this command.