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Workbenches now access items from all connected chests - not just adjacent ones.

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Better Workbenches

This mod makes workbenches access items from every connected (touching) chest to the workbench.

As long as you have a path of touching chests from the workbench (must be north/west/east/south - diagonals don't work except for chests directly touching the workbench) then the workbench will access all of them.

Basically this expands the workbench from just using 8 adjacent chests to using those 8 adjacent chests plus as many as you want, as long as you add more touching chests. See the screenshot for an example.

In multiplayer, this will only affect players who have it installed. It'll work fine if you use a workbench and have the mod installed and someone else doesn't - they'll only be able to access the 8 adjacent chests like normal but you'll be able to access more.

Requires SMAPI by Pathoschild.

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