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Skins for Adopt 'N Skin, More Animals, DYI Farm Animals, or most animal reskin mods that turn your rabbits into Pichu and Pikachu.
Including Beta Pichu and Pikachu with the Heart Tail

Permissions and credits
THIS IS NOT A MOD/CONTENT PATCHER FILE ON IT'S OWN. These are merely formatted skins that can be used with other mods.
(If anyone would like to take these and turn them into an independant content patcher mod, be my guest, just link back to this page if you do)

Reskin your rabbits into Pichu and Pikachu using most reskin mods!
Baby Rabbits become Pichu and/or Beta Pichu
Rabbits become Pikachu, with or without the gender difference of your choosing!
All packed together so that they're ready to drag and drop (though you may need to re-number them) into the assets/skins folder of the Reskin mod you may be using.

Skins were reformatted, tested, and put together by TerraTerraCotta, Beta Pichu artwork in the preview also created by TerraTerraCotta.
(These Skins were tested using MoreAnimals and Adopt N' Skin)

Beta Pichu Sprites were originally created by Mister Mike of the Spriter's Resource
Canon Sprites are ripped from HeartGold and SoulSilver (also used from the Spriter's Resource)

Possible Future Additions:

Shiny Versions
Notch-Eared Pichu

I am open to suggestion for more reskin ideas for Adopt n' Skin and other Reskin mods! Feel free to comment your ideas.