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I was extremely confused about why coffee and espresso gave 3 and 8 energy respectively. when coffee literally is made to give you an energy boost. this changes those values to 33 and 100 respectively.

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Coffee gives energy

Nexus Exclusive
No one is allowed to repost this mod anywhere, please alert me if anyone does so.
What it Does
It simply makes coffee give you 33 energy and tripple shot espresso 100, the health also gets a buff as the values are connected.


it should be compatible with any mod as long as it doesn't also edit the energy given by coffee and espresso, even other mods altering other parts of coffee should be fine.

place [CP]coffee gives energy folder in mods folder

remove [CP]coffee gives energy folder from mods the folder

the mod only applies to new coffee, coffee made before the mod is installed will keep the old stats

you can make a translation if its necessary but only upload it on nexus and give credit.