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New chickens which lay new, fully-functional eggs! All are purchasable in-game from Marnie. Easy install; no config required; only requires SMAPI.

Permissions and credits
Add variety to your coop with new chicken breeds and eggs. This mod adds 4 new types of chickens based on real-life breeds, each with custom color variants and eggs.

My goal was to make this immersive and easy to use. Just drop in your SMAPI mods folder and play.

How it works

Marnie now sells a limited supply of milk and eggs at her shop. Just buy an egg for the breed you want, stick it in your incubator, and then wait for your new, unique chicken to hatch!

Every day, Marnie will stock a total of 6 random eggs. They cost slightly less than a chick, but you'll need an incubator before you can hatch them. Each breed's egg has an equal chance of hatching into one of three color variations. Try to hatch them all!
The new eggs can be used in recipes and crafting just like normal eggs. The amount of eggs and milk Marnie sells can be changed via the config file.

New breeds


Varieties: wheaten, red-brown, and blue
Eggs: light blue


Varieties: gold-laced, silver-laced, and brown-laced
Eggs: light gold

Easter Egger

Varieties: buff, brown, and silver
Eggs: light green


Varieties: buff, black, and white
Eggs: reddish-brown


Optional recolors require you to have Content Patcher installed.

Pastel Eggs

Want to surround yourself with cute, colorful eggs? No need to wait for Easter! Just install this optional add-on and your new chicken eggs will magically become cuter. Now includes optional matching recolors of the basegame eggs.

Base Game Retextures

Retextures the base game chickens to match those added by this mod. Config file lets you choose between the red or blue void chicken, as well as an option for matching blue void eggs and blue void mayo.


  1. Download and install SMAPI
  2. Download this mod and unzip it into your mods folder

For more instructions on how to install mods, check out the SMAPI player's guide.


  1. Sell all your custom chickens added by this mod
  2. Make sure no custom eggs are left in your incubator(s)
  3. Delete this mod from your mods folder

Custom eggs left over after uninstallation will become "error items" that can be safely thrown away in-game. Since Stardew Valley isn't programmed to handle missing animal data, make sure to not to leave any of the new eggs incubating and sell any chickens you own that came from this mod.


Feel free to comment or add an issue if you think you've found any incompatibilities. I'll update this mod page if I come across anything.
This mod uses Harmony. It patches multiple commonly-used methods, but I tried to keep the effects specific and contained. 

Other animal mods: Since the main mod doesn't change base game chickens or eggs, other animal mods should work fine alongside this. This mod is tested and working with Animal Husbandry.

Other item mods: This should be compatible with other mods that add new items, such as content packs for Json Assets. My new items have dynamic IDs that will adjust to your setup.

Other Marnie's shop mods: This mod adds items to Marnie's supply shop. It's completely compatible with other mods that add items to her shop, such as PPJA - Mizu's Flowers.

Recipe mods: As long as the recipes use the egg category ( -5 ) as an ingredient instead of hard-coded egg IDs ( like 176 ), these eggs should be usable with any mod-added recipes.

Multiplayer: I haven't been able to test this with multiplayer, but it should work fine if everybody has it installed. The game may crash if a host farm has my chickens on it and the visitor doesn't have the mod installed (due to the game's lack of a fallback for missing animal sprites).

Known Issues:
  • Automate (config option available)
  • Currently, Automate uses hard-coded values to look for eggs, and therefore does not support custom eggs. Since I'm unable to patch that on my end, I've included a "chickensLayBaseGameEggs" option in the config file that will make my custom chickens lay normal eggs. After enabling, it'll take a day in-game for the chickens to adjust. You'll still be able to buy custom eggs from Marnie and hatch them.
  • BFAV
  • Using this mod with BFAV currently causes the wrong chickens to be hatched from this mod's eggs.

Other Info

Q: Are you the same Lavapulse from the Stardew Valley forums?
A: Yep. You may recognize the silkie sprites in this mod from some other sprites I released on the forums back in 2016.

Q: Can I use this to add my own breeds of chickens?
A: This mod is not set up to support additional, user-created breeds.

Q: Can I make a retexture pack for this mod?
A: Go ahead! You can use my "pastel eggs" download as an example of how to make your own recolor.

Please do not reupload my mods or use my art or code in other mods without my express permission.