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Clean, RPG-like sprites for Abigail reminiscent of retro SNES and GBA games.

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- Adventurous Abigail -

The idea behind this mod was to polish Abigail's sprite and recreate it with a range of motion comparable to one of my favorite top-down action RPGs, Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, for the GameBoy Advanced. I wanted the sprite to be clean, not look too out of place in Stardew Valley, and ambulate in a convincing as possible, fluid way that can be done with 4 frame animation.

The mod is built on Abigail's sheet from 1.4 and as such contains all relevant sprites, and all were edited, though the flower dance sprites less so than the rest. I haven't noticed any visual bugs or errors but that doesn't mean they don't exist, feel free to report them if you come across any.

Official update 1.4
SMAPI 3.0 +
Content Patcher 1.10.1 +

Drag and drop the [CP] folder into your Mods folder.
Change the config as desired to show or hide her bow in her hair.