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Customizable Mod for easy fishing.

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  This Mod was created to make fishing easier.
  You can customize from your configuration, such as skipping minigame, minigame make easier, always found a Treasure, always double fishing.

Source Code:

  The configuration file is generated by starting the game. The location is "Stardew Valley/Mods/EideeEasyFishing/config.json"
  During the game, you can reload the config by pressing F5(Can be customized).

  - BiteFaster
    Reduces the time to hit.

  - HitAutomatically
    Automatic hit processing.

  - SkipMinigame
    Skip the minigame.

  - FishEasyCaught
    The fish icon follows the bar.

  - TreasureAlwaysBeFound
    You will always find the Treasure.

  - TreasureEasyCaught
    The Treasure icon follows the bar.

  - AlwaysCaughtDoubleFish
    If the bait is Wild Bait, it always catches two fish.

  - CaughtDoubleFishOnAnyBait
    If AlwaysCaughtDoubleFish is true, it always catches two fish, regardless of the bait.

  - AlwaysMaxCastPower
    Cast power is always maximized.

  - ReloadConfig
    Set the key to reload the configuration.

  If the config is not generated, create the file manually.

  "BiteFaster": false,
  "HitAutomatically": false,
  "SkipMinigame": false,
  "FishEasyCaught": true,
  "TreasureAlwaysBeFound": false,
  "TreasureEasyCaught": false,
  "AlwaysCaughtDoubleFish": false,
  "CaughtDoubleFishOnAnyBait": false,
  "AlwaysMaxCastPower": false,
  "Controls": {
"ReloadConfig": "F5"