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makes the second/last farmhouse smaller -- similar to the first upgrade

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i hate the final farmhouse size, it's just so big and impossible to decorate. but the one mod that does this is not CP compatible and there's an unmovable fireplace in the kitchen. so i taught myself how to edit a map and went ahead and... made it. it's my first sdv mod ever, so it's pretty basic, and also my first time uploading on nexus, so forgive anything. it works ok for me and that's the target audience oof

if you're already at this upgrade, remove any furniture on the extra bedrooms and for V1: the bottom two rows of the whole house / for V2: the farmer's bedroom

V1 has a smaller kitchen and bedroom, but it's not compatible with the cellar (idk how to modify the stair placement so it's ugly and only accessible bc you can clip through the wall -- yea, i need to fix that, but it doesn't happen on V2)
V2 keeps the original kitchen (i tried making it smaller from the top but it really really didn't work), but has a much smaller bedroom (because i found V1's bedroom still too large for my liking)

i'm not really up to making a version with both the original kitchen and  V1's bedroom atm, but who knows what the future holds. in the meantime you can teach yourself how to do this. be the change you wanna see in the modding world

anyway, feel free to modify this in any way, i don't care

NOTE: none of the versions modify the marriage houses bc 1) i don't plan on marrying, 2) that'd mean making extra versions with the cribs, 3) there's prolly also pathing to worry about. so i don't think i'll ever make a marriage version of this mod