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Adds configurable shortcut keys to organize your inventory/chest and quick stack to open chests.

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Quickly organize your inventory and chests with these configurable shortcut keys. Works both in and out of menus. 

Choose which keys you would like to use using the config.json file found within the mod folder. The default key for organizing is ` (0emTilde) since I mapped this key to a side button on my mouse for quick access, and the default key for stacking to a chest is "q".

Example json file:
  "Controls": {
    "Organize": [
      "OemTilde"     <------   Replace these with your the key you would like to use
    "StackToChest": [
      "Q"                  <------
    "OrganizeAfterStackToChest": true      <------
A full list of available key bindings can be found here   --->  List of Key Bindings

Supports controller input using either of the following methods:
  • replace "Oemtilde" in config file with proper controller binding such as "LeftTrigger"  ** list can be found in the link above :)
  • Remap your controller to match whichever keyboard key you select using Steam big picture mode or other key remapping software.

- Added compatibility for ChestEx and Chests Anywhere
- Added config option to disable auto organizing after quick stacking to a chest. (still defaults to true)
- Can now organize and quick stack to the fridge.
- Organize key now sorts both inventory and open chests with one press.
- Added new mappable key for quick stack to chest from inventory. (Default: q)
- Initial Release

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Feel free to reach out with issues or suggestions!