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About this mod

This mod tries to make the game more appropriate for younger players by adding options to remove rude language, tobacco smoking, alcohol, alcoholism, and suggestions of suicide. Each can be enabled and disabled separately.

Permissions and credits
What this mod does (each of these are optional, but enabled by default):
  • Removes most (or maybe all) profanity, swear words, rude language, and minced oaths.
  • Replaces Willy's smoking pipe with a bubble pipe.
  • Replaces Sebastian's cigarette smoking addiction with a gaming addiction.
  • Replaces Pam and Shane's alcohol problem with a sugar consumption problem.
  • Replaces alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Replaces Shane's contemplation of suicide with contemplation of leaving Stardew Valley

Stuff this mod doesn't remove:
  • Any Innuendo

  • This mod is made for Stardew Valley v1.4. It should work fine in Stardew Valley v1.3 as well, however, there will be a minor issue with up to 3 pieces of mail in Stardew Valley v1.3 (in order to support a new mail feature in SDV 1.4). These three pieces of mail will have what looks to be a subject line at the end.

  • Prismuth for his work on the Non-Smoking Sebastian mod. The animation of Sebastian playing his game is a recolor of the version in Prismuth's mod.
  • Pathoschild for his work on Content Patcher and SMAPI. They're very powerful tools.
  • ConcernedApe for making this great game Stardew Valley.