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► Project Moonlight Map Resources is a pack of unfinished maps for those who desire more.

Permissions and credits
Project Moonlight Map Resources is a pack of unfinished maps (both new and modified) from an unfinished large scale collaboration. Project Moonlight was part of a much larger project I was working on with bwdy, that is currently stalled. I have received permission to release my unfinished maps as resources for other mod creators to use in their own projects.

What does this pack contain?
  • Four unfinished maps designed to fill gaps in the original Stardew Valley world map.
  • Nine Stardew Valley maps modified to better fit each other and the new maps.

What does this mean if I want to use it?
  • Any maps you want to use will need to be properly connected to existing maps and any other custom maps you add.
  • This was developed and stalled during 1.3, which means it does not include any changes or updates from 1.4
  • Some changes, such as the modified backwoods and bus stop maps, are going to require specific work to make functional and generally compatible with other mods.
  • Crediting me (Glitchfinder) and bwdy would be appreciated, but not required.