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Complete farm set up for making wine. Includes custom farm map, greenhouse, farm cave, and shed with options for custom Slime Hutch.

Permissions and credits
Installation: Make sure you don't have any mods that alter Fishing farm, sheds, farm cave, or greenhouse installed. Unzip and place in the SDV mod folder. You will need SMAPI and Content Patcher. This is a beta release. I've tested the main mod and most of the customization options but not all of them. If you find something that isn't right please let me know. 

*Please note this farm requires the Riverland farm type to work*

Uninstalling: simply remove from the mod folder after removing any thing that was place in the expanded areas.

Required mods:
*Sauvignonin in Stardew- provides the winery buildings
*Extended Minecart (and its dependency's)- allows you to use the minecart system that's hooked up to the farm "CustomFarmDestinationPoint": "100, 8"

Suggested mods:
*Better Junimo's
*Better Garden Pots
*Automate (needed for beehive layout, and makes life much easier for making wine)
*Tractor Mod
*Winter Grass
*Hedge Fences I suggest using the Hardwood fence option. You will need to place this around the stables and the flower well maze near the farmhouse. 

What I use in addition to the above:
*Flower Valley
*A Toned Down Stardew Valley
*Eemies Recolour
*Cuter Coops and Barns
*Flowery Seasonal English Lamps
*Yellogs wood fence
*Deluxe Autograbber 
*Auto Quality Patch (option from automate mod iirc)
*Better Fruit Trees
*GreaterGrass (custom mod from Cattycat not sure if its published)
*Farming Made Infinite (Vanilla)
*Fishing Made Legendary99
*Quality Products

This mod alters the base farm map, greenhouse, sheds, and  farm cave. You can customize the maps. I have provided many options for the greenhouse, shed, and slime hutch (default is original). If you want to use one of those over the default option simply take the items from that folder and put them into the main asset folder. *note switching from the original forest before you do the TrashBear event will crash your game as of patch 1.4

If you replace the farm cave,  forest or bus stop maps from an outside source  you MUST alter the warps in the new map to match what the warps currently are or you are likely to end up stuck. If you need help with this try the SDV discord I am no longer offering support to these mods

SVE & Immersive farm compatibility
Should be SVE compatible I am not 100% sure about IF2R. I don't use either mod so if you have trouble please visit the SDV discord modding channel and ask for help.