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Allows you to reach 10 hearts with everyone without having to date the bachelors/bachlorettes

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In the base game, once you reach 8 hearts with a datable character, you are no longer able to increase your friendship with them unless you date them. But what if you want to become best friends with everyone in town without romancing several people at once? This mod changes that!

Please make all bug reports in the Bugs tab, not Posts. I do not come on Nexus often and I can't read all the comments, but I will look at bugs. For suggestions, please submit an issue to my github

  • All characters regardless of if they are a bachelor/bachlorette are able to reach 10 hearts
  • You still need to give them a bouquet at 8 or higher hearts to begin dating them + get married as normal

Note: This mod is a pure game mechanics mod. No dialogue has been added/changed. Romantic dialogue may still appear because dialogue added by other mods/in vanilla automatically assume that high friendship = dating, without checking for a dating prerequisite first. Those checks can be added using content patcher for vanilla, and changed by the mod makers that add/alter dialogue. Anyone can feel free to create such a mod, I don't personally have the time for it myself anymore.

  • Download and install SMAPI
  • Download and unzip the contents of this mod into your /Mods folder

  • Remove/Delete the entire PlatonicRelationships folder from /Mods

  • May conflict with other mods that edit the 10 heart events. Please let me know if you find a conflict so that I can add compatibility patches

  • AddDatingRequirementToRomanticEvents : defaults to true. If you want to see the vanilla 10 heart events even if you are not dating, turn this to false


A shoutout to everyone on the Stardew Valley Discord Modding channel for being super helpful!! Special mentions go to:
Moo#6953 and candidus#7270 for helping me find the code I needed to change!
razikh#4755 for convincing me to use Harmony instead of redrawing the entire socialPage + teaching me how to change it to work with Mac/Linux

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