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Adds a storage space to cabins. Intended as shed alternatives for singleplayer

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Notice: I am not actively supporting this mod anymore, though it is a simple CP mod and shouldn't ever break as long as Content Patcher still works. As an alternative, consider using Upgrade Empty Cabins, which allows you to upgrade uninhabited cabins in single-player as well as remove the seed boxes in the cabins

Adds a 10x9 space to basic cabins on top of the existing space.

You will gain the additional space to your cabins after your second house upgrade. It's basically three free sheds, so it feels a bit too much for early game.

This is meant for singleplayer! Things will def get funky if a farmhand tries to live in one of these and upgrades it

Why use cabins in single player:
  • They're pretty much free
  • More visual variety in buildings rather than having a bunch of sheds that look the same
  • Add a sleep+save point at different places on your farm ( good for big maps )
  • The dresser is a free chest ( and gives extra tools while yours are being upgraded at Clint's)

Honestly I just threw this together real quick for myself, but it's the first time I've made a mod that doesn't heavily rely on other people's work so I can actually post it. Hope someone else finds this useful too!