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Purple, pink, blue, and albino/ghost versions of the animals including horse, cat, and dog.

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Purple, pink, blue, and albino/ghost for all animals are here!

This is my first mod. I hope you enjoy it.

To set colors:
After installing the mod, run the game once to create the config.json file.
Open the config.json file in a text editor (such as Notepad++) and replace "Purple" with your color choice for each animal.
Restart your game.

By default, all animals are set to purple.

To see color choices:
Open the content.json in a text editor. Do not change colors in the content file, rather use the config.json that is created after running the game once after installing. There is a "flower" dinosaur in there too!

Only one color option can be used  per original game animal, i.e. there is only one adult rabbit, so you can only set the adult rabbit to one color, but there are four colors of adult chickens (white, brown, blue, and void) and each of those can be set to a different color.

To disable the coloring of any animal:
You can disable any animal by opening the content.json and set any animal to false where it says: "Enabled": true
This allows compatibility with other mods that change the colors of those animals.

NOTE: For version 2.0.0 -- If you used a previous version of this mod, do not use your old config.json file or delete "default" wherever it was used.

Note: In unmodded Stardew Valley, the baby white chicken and baby duck use the same file, therefore you can only set one color for both of them. I recommend only changing the baby white chicken if you change the white chicken, duck, and baby white chicken to the same color.

Note: "SDV Blue Chicken" in the content.json and the config.json means the unmodded Stardew Valley chicken with the long curly tail, not the pastel blue modification.

Planned Changes:

Non-planned changes:
To add functionality that would let you buy different color animals from Marnie, for instance a pink rabbit or purple rabbit just like you can buy a white chicken or a brown chicken. I would love to add this, but it would require another mod or other changes that are beyond Content Patcher. I may reconsider this decision at some point.

Update History:
2.0.0 - Updated to version 2, since this version is not backwards compatible. The old versions of config.json will not work with this version if the option "default" is used.
1.1.0 - The mod now contains pastel purple, pink, blue, and albino/ghost versions of all the animals including the cat, dog, and horse.
1.0.0 - The mod now creates a config.json the first time you use it, making configuration easier. Also added the albino horses.
0.2.1 - Updated the manifest.json which was forgotten in 0.2.0
0.2.0 - Introduced Albino animals and a pastel blue rabbit
0.1.0 - Introduced pastel pink and purple rabbits

  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  2. Install Content Patcher.
  3. Download this mod and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Run the game using SMAPI.