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Experience seasons and day-night cycles with a new farmhouse design that comes with a sunroom, a spa room, and an indoor garden/greenhouse, features seasonal furnitures, wallpapers, and floor tiles as well as many surprising details!

Permissions and credits

>> Features:

Experience seasons and day-night cycles with a new farmhouse design that comes with a sunroom, a spa room, and an indoor garden/greenhouse.
Although the indoor greenhouse is plantable throughout seasons, still it comes with artificial snow and fallen leaves - for moody reasons.

The house has a record player (jukebox) for music, a farmer's record file, a material storage log, and some small sweet changes before/after marriage.

The entire house changes with seasons, to avoid confusions, the house already comes with some subtly placed furniture at areas that can not be accessed or decorated in-game, most of these are seasonal as well, and most of the light source items (Lamps, lanterns and candles) emits varied light at night.

Fully customisable Kids' bedroom behind the bookshelf, you can change its floors and wallpapers.

The other seasonal walls and floors are placed in a specifically arranged order, therefore I disabled the function to manually change most of them in case your spouse mess it up permanently. However, most of the walls are still customisable with decals and windows. The colour template is designed to work well with many of the popular furniture sets by Mi, Yellog, Eemie, zosa and coldazrael…

Adds the PSD file for recolouring the floors(272 tiles) and walls(348 tiles) and swapping furniture.
Config options: "true" or "false" to enable spouse room clutters, 1st upgrade, and the dollhouse as crib.

>> Instructions:

. Download Farmhouse Redone and this mod, unzip it to your mod/mods folder.
. It is a level 1+2+3 +marriage upgrade.

>> 1.4 Note:
. If you married Harvey, Sam or Sebastian, please try to trigger their events after upgraded your house at least twice(2nd or cellar upgrade), there will be some added surprise as well.


. I've reworked the code for every farmhouse spouse 14 heart events, but Penney's is impossible to fix, you can try to experience the event before upgrading to my house.
. There is an added entry hall and back door to bypass Farmhouse Redone's entry bug. (Now fixed in lastest update of FHR)

>> Compatibility:

. The latest SVE is conflicting with Farmhouse Redone. 
. More than Necessary farms can't work with Farmhouse Redone, it will trap you in your house.
You can check out Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2 which doesn't require Farmhouse Redone.

>> Known visual disturbances and workarounds:

Due to the more compact design and the limitation of the layer system, the walls of the entry hallway are partially passable. But if you put some decors on the wall, it will be accurately blocked.
I don’t wanna make the bathroom filled with invisible walls, so you can actually swim through the corner of the tub showed bellow, it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid though.

>> Special thanks

to mioudew and magimatica(White furniture and winter decor), naeldeus(Bathroom edited), Eemie(Carpets edited), zosa(Fall green wall edited), Medinaquirin(Harvey tiles teapot), Lumisteria(Fall floor - bedroom center edited)  for their amazing sprites. Please check them out on nexus to find their full sets.

Special thanks to Moragaine, Mabel and many others on discord for helping me debug.

Chinese Description: 


。房间设有唱机, 农场主档案,建材档案以及一些婚前婚后甜蜜的细节改变。
。整套房屋都会随季节变化, 为了排疑,在游戏中放不了家具和装饰的墙面和墙角已经摆放好了少量家具, 这些家具多半也会随季节变化,其中的光源物件在夜晚也会自动开启。
。在设计每个季节的色板时我都考虑了是否与当前一些受欢迎的家具mod匹配,包括Mi,,Yellog,,Eemie,zosa 和coldazrael 等制作的套件。

你需要同时安装前置mod: Farmhouse Redone。


自定义墙纸和地砖Custom walls and floors 目前与农舍改造Farmhouse Redone mod 冲突,会导致后者出现墙面措置的问题。

Korean Description: