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Adds solar panels which produce batteries without the need for stormy weather.

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A CRF mod which adds solar panels to Stardew Valley. They can be crafted for 1 copper bar, 1 iron bar, 3 refined quartz, 1 orpiment, and 1 neptunite. By default they should take one week to produce a battery. This value can be changed by opening the solarpanel.json file and changing the time value. Solar panels can also be purchased from Krobus for 25,000 gold.

I have added new sprites available under the optional files section. I had heard concerns over the sprites not quite looking right in game and I agreed, so I decided to tweak the sprite to fix this. These sprites have darker metal details. As well, there are two versions with a flat "frosted glass" texture. The idea is to fit in more with the game's original art style as sprites tend to have dark outlines around them. Creating a proper outline around these sprites didn't look good, but I may make entirely new sprites from scratch in the future with outlines in mind. I have uploaded an image comparing the 4 different sprites available. The "old" sprite is the fixed version of the original sprite. These can be installed by replacing the SolarPanel.png file in the mod's folder.