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Ever wanted more out of Spirit's Eve? Well, thanks to a mysterious friend of the junimos, an exciting hunt will take place on Spirit's Eve. Dungeon loot, gems, and monsters will appear across the valley, keeping you busy before the festival. But beware: the hunt only happens for a day. If you miss it, you'll have to wait to participate again.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to the Spirit's Eve Hunt mod~!

The mysterious friend of the junimos, Nix, has invited you to join them in their celebration of this wondrous holiday, Spirit's Eve. In their excitement, the little apple creatures have left gifts all over the valley. Dungeon loot, gems, and more await any who find them.

It's up to you if you join the hunt or not.

But be wary, for someone close to Nix seems to have a grudge against you. There just might be creatures roaming about, waiting to pounce on you as you partake in the hunt for treasure.

Good luck to all who participate and may you have a glorious Spirit's Eve~!


This mod adds:
  • items appearing all over the valley on Spirit's Eve for 10 years; items will disappear the next day.
  • weaker than default monsters that give more experience appearing all over the valley
  • 23 letters from Nix and Lux
  • New dialogue for the Wizard mentioning the mysterious junimos' friends (Fall 28th)
  • *New Marlon dialogue (Fall 27th & 28th, check the shop menu dialogue!)
  • *New Krobus & Dwarf dialogue (Fall 27th, check the shop menu dialogue!)
  • *New Abigail dialogue (Fall 28th)
  • *New Linus dialogue (Fall 28th)

If you have any questions or suggestions for this mod, please let me know!
Also, the reason the mod only lasts for 10 years is that I ran out of riddles for Nix! If you have fun, spooky riddles you think they could use, send them to me! I'll add more years and letters then~!

Comaptible With:

Esca's Farm Type Manager, without FTM this mod would not be possible. So huge thanks to Esca!! (and for them enduring my questions while making this mod)
Pathoschild's Content Patcher, which is an incredible, must-have-mod that makes editing game data possible.
Mouseypounds, who endured my questions and helped me so much while making this mod!
Where Nix's riddles are from!

Mods Shown in Picture:
Ace's A Wittily Named Recolor
Ryubiki's Medium Path Color for Ace's Recolor
Fippsie's Animated Trees