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This mod turns some anime portrait mods into a plug-and-play configurable content patcher mod!

Permissions and credits
Hi there! This is just a collection of portraits I've found and have either not been ported to Content Patcher, have asked for permission for, or the author has abandoned. I'm trying to make them all look pretty similar, though some are pretty obviously not made by the same person. Everything is configurable, so hopefully you enjoy!

  • The original anime portrait mod by Baechu can be found here (Bachelors and Bachelorettes)
  • The original Sandy portrait mod by Victy can be found here
  • Sandy's portrait was edited by Nadiki and Androxilogin which can be found here
  • NongDarn's portraits (Vincent, Jas, Sandy) can be found here

Simply download and add this mod to your mods folder, and you're good to go!

Default configuration options:
  •   "Abigail": "true",
  •   "Alex": "true",
  •   "Elliott": "true",
  •   "Emily": "true",
  •   "Haley": "true",
  •   "Harvey": "true",
  •   "Maru": "true",
  •   "Penny": "true",
  •   "Sam": "true",
  •   "Sebastian": "true",
  •   "Shane": "true",
  •   "Leah": "true",
  •   "VictysSandy": "true",
  •   "NongDarnsVincent": "true",
  •   "NongDarnsJas": "true",
  •   "NongDarnsSandy": "false",
  •   "ShaneBlackShirt": "false",
  •   "MaruHasLongHair": "true",
  •   "MaruHasGlasses": "true",
  •   "HarveyWhiteShirt": "false",
  •   "ElliottHasShortHair": "false"

If anybody wants to make the overworld sprites for the optional portraits, feel free to share them with me and I'll add them to the mod!

  • Bachelors

  • Optional Bachelor Outfits

  • Bachelorettes

  • Optional Bachelorette Outfits

  • Villagers