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Do you love women, especially butch women, and are extremely gay? Do you obsess over pixel characters in farming games? No? Just me? okay

this is an edit of rubyquester's Lumberjack Leah, in two versions! Brunette! And Orange with Brown Roots growing in! Yes that's literally all it is!

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brown hair is good and i love leah so much she is my wife and i am her wife and we are in love thank you,

update 1.1
okay so the manager of the seasonal diverse stardew valley mod asked me to remove the assets from that mod, so i did. this one just has the red/green flannel leah's from rubyquester's orginal lumberjack leah. basically, it's not exactly compatible with dsv anymore bc of that so *shrug emoji*

it does still work, you just would have to use both rubyquester's and dsvm at the same time, set leah's option to "disabled" in dsvm and use rubyquester's content patcher mod with my edits replaced.

you'll have to rename the files and follow rubyquester's instructions in Lumberjack Leah to use them with that.

if you have questions dm me i guess? i'll try to respond, but i don't exactly visit this website often.