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"He's dead Jim."

This project is abandoned and I have no clue if it works anymore. 
If you're in the market for a mod manager, Mod Organizer 2 supports Stardew Valley and had more features than this ever would have.

Stardew Valley Mod Manager 2
Inspired by ken28's (aka yuukiw) StarDew Valley Mod Manager (SDVMM), but rebuilt and 'hopefully' it will be functional long into the future.  The current feature set is fairly basic, and will expand over time and with requests. 
Currently Windows only, but with plans to eventually support linux and maybe macOS.
Please report any bugs/crashes/unwanted behavior.

Creates a list of currently installed mods
Enable/Disable mods with a click.
Launch Stardew Valley. (with/without SMAPI and Steam)
Quick access to mods folders via file menu.
Quick links to Nexus and Stardew Valley mod forums.

NOTE: SMAPI needs to be installed for you to load mods and for this mod manager to be useful.
Download and extract.
Place "SDVMM2" folder in your "Stardew Valley" game folder.
(it should be something like "C:\...\Stardew Valley\SDVMM2", drive and path to "Stardew Valley" folder will vary)
Make a shortcut to "SDVMM2.exe" if needed and place it on your desktop or as desired.
Enjoy some simplified mod management. :)

[First Time Set Up]
NOTE: Make sure SMAPI is installed!
Go to settings tab.
Set your "Stardew Valley" game folder path.
Set your "Steam.exe" path.
(This will be automatic in a future release.)

Click check boxes to enable/disable mods. (Disabled mods are moved to the bottom of the list.)
Use "Refresh Mod List" button any time you put a new mod into the "Mods" folder.

NOTE: Currently, installing a new mod still requires you to place it in the "Stardew Valley\Mods" folder yourself, accessible via file menu.

Delete "SDVMM2" folder from your "Stardew Valley" game folder.
Save any mods you still want from the "Mods_disabled" folder in your "Stardew Valley" game folder.
Delete Mods_disabled folder from your "Stardew Valley" game folder.
And it's gone.

Known Issues:
Launching with SMAPI and Steam together requires the correct Steam Launch arguments. (see SMAPI installation guide)
A missing 'MSVCP140' library means you don't have 'Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015', which most people have. 
It can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

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