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Replaces livestock with Asian animals

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I noticed the lack of Asian animals for stardew while making a asian-themed save, so I decided to make some! This is a content patcher mod and replaces the following:
Brown chickens with Japanese quails
White chickens with Chabo chickens
Blue chickens with Onadagori chickens
Void chickens with Lady Amherst's pheasants
Ducks with Mandarin Ducks (both male and female versions, only choose one)
White cows with Belted Zebus
Brown cows with Freckled Zebus
and Goats with Japanese Serows

all sprites are by me and have baby versions, as well! Move the desired [CP] folders to your mods!

**Feel free to use these with adopt n skin!
***Get BFAV version here!

I have added a new optional file, which will replace the pig and piglet with Central Asian Wild Boars!