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Just spawn more artifact spots everyday.

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What is this mod?
Spawn more artifact spots everyday.
You need to sleep once to get them spawn.
You can set the spawning level. ( the screenshots are in level 1000, default is 50. )

How to install:
install SMAPI
Extract the folder "MoreArtifactSpot" of the downloaded zip file to the "Stardew Valley\Mods\"
Backup your saves

Config Guide:
You can change the setting in "config.json" at your preference
 "SpawningLevel": 50
Spawning level of artifact spots
Note: Level 50 = around 40 new artifact spots. Level 1000 = around 800 new artifact spots

"ShowSpotsCount": false
true / false
Show the info message of how many new artifact spots spawned by this mod

Change Log:
2017/05/26, v1.01
updated for SMAPI 1.13, prevent unusable in future update