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This mod adds a new stand alone npc to the game.

Permissions and credits

You may not alter and upload any of my mods assets and files unless you ask. Translations are not allowed to be uploaded, i would rather make a official merge and include you in the credits. AI related mods also do not have permission in any form to use my mods and I do not give permission to anyone in any form to use the content created by more to power AI generated anything.


Not every soul is able to leave the past where it belongs.
Some of us linger in the halls of time and it is from that hesitation that we become lost.
Lyell is one of those people.
He's trapped in the past, unable to focus and experience the present. 
All alone he will never find his way out.
But a new citizen of pelican town could be the key to showing him the right path.

Lyells farmland entrance is located in the mountains now to avoid mod conflict. The entrance in vanilla, is next to the adventures guild. The Stardew expanded entrance, is located next to the stairs that lead up to the guild and the Reimagined one is located next to the guild, but it's sort of hidden.


1. Ensure you have the latest and correct SMAPI 

2. Install the requirements' listed in the requirements tab.

3. Download this mod and Unzip it.

4:Delete the old version of the mod.

5: Drop the new version of the mod inside your mods folder.

6:  Run the game once after installing than exit out. Go into the mod and find the config file.

7.Open the Config file. There will be three options: SDV, SDVE and SVR3. SDV means you are not using Stardew expanded or stardew reimagined 3. SDVE means you are using stardew expanded and SVR3 means you are using reimagined 3. Between these three options, toggle one of them to on, the rest should be toggled to off. Usually you cannot visit lyell until after the mine boulder is moved.

Yagisan's Custom NPCs for NPC Map Locations

Loves: Frozen TearAncient Seed,Rainbow Trout,Beer

Likes: Catfish,Milk,Green Bean,Cauliflower,Cheese Cauliflower,Pizza,Fried Mushroom

Dislikes: Chocolate Cake,Rhubarb Pie,Pink Cake,Garlic,Sea Urchin

Hates: Lucky Purple Shorts, Blobfish

One heart | Must be Sunny | Between 9am and 5pm | At the seed shop

Two hearts | Must be sunny | Heart one event is seen | Between 5pm and 8pm | At mountains

Three hearts | Must being rainy | Heart two event is seen | Cannot be summer, fall or winter | Between 6am and 5pm | At hospital

Four hearts | Must be rainy | Cannot be summer | Between 6am and 8am | At Lyell's property

Five hearts | Must be rainy | Cannot be summer or spring | 8pm and 11 pm | At the town

Six hearts | Must be rainy | Between 9 pm and 11 pm | At Lyell's property

Seven hearts | Must be rainy | Cannot be summer or spring | 4pm and 11pm | At Lyell's house

Eight hearts |Rainy | Cannot be spring, summer | Between 3pm and 8pm | At mines

Must be Married and with nine hearts | Must be sunny | Cannot be spring or fall | Between 5pm and 8pm | At bath house

Must be married and have 14 hearts | Must be sunny | Between 9pm and 11pm | At Mountains

Don't need hearts | Must be sunny | 3rd, 6th or 9th of the month | Between 6am and 5pm | At Mountains

Don't need hearts | Any weather | Has a 0.2 chance of triggering | At Lyell's property

Don't need hearts | Must be sunny | Cannot be summer | 3rd, 6th or 13th of the month | Between 8pm and 9pm | At saloon

Don't need hearts | Year 2 | Must be sunny | Cannot be winter or fall | Between 8pm and 11pm | At woods

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Grammar and spelling fixes by Pink Paradox

Scarborough Fair (Lyells Woods Theme) Created by aubrianna

Chinese Translation created by Herienseo
Spanish Translation created by alexochoa2020
Russian Translation by Pet9948 admin of Lastrium