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This mod adds a stand alone npc named Lyell to your game. It comes with new locations, events, portraits and more!v

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If you've grown tired of the same people in Pelican town and are looking to romance a brand new npc. Consider downloading Lyell Halkias as a addition to your game. Lyell so far comes with  different expressions and different heart events; with more to come in later updates. 

                                                                                                About Lyell:

Lyell is a introverted older man from the Gortoro Empire.  After being discharged from the  Ferngill military. having joined after his immigration, he has decided to settle in Pelican town, making a small self sufficient farm for himself. Lyell loves animals and is generally well mannered. But while he works towards living a normal life. He has secrets that he's been keeping from everyone around him.

His door for friends open at 8am and you need 4 hearts to get inside. 


1. Ensure you have the latest and correct SMAPI 
2. Install the current Content Patcher, TMXLOADER and custom npc fixes
3. Download this mod and Unzip it.
4: Drop the folder inside of the numbered folder into your mods, it will say [cp] Lyell. do not open that folder and drag the folders inside out of the folder. it will run as is.
5: Go into the mod and find the Config file, open it with a writing program.
6: Choose Vanilla or Stylized or Canon both options. you can switch them around!( There should be no commas it should look like this "Old")

This mod is NOT compatible with any mods that completely overwrite the forest map warps. 

Loves: Frozen TearAncient Seed,Rainbow Trout,Beer
Likes: Catfish,Milk,Green Bean,Cauliflower,Cheese Cauliflower,Pizza,Fried Mushroom
Dislikes: Chocolate Cake,Rhubarb Pie,Pink Cake,Garlic,Sea Urchin
Hates: Lucky Purple Shorts,Blobfish

Heart Events:
You must follow them in these order or they will not trigger.

1:sunny/9am-5pm/any season/seed shop
2:  sunny/ 6am-5pm/any season/mountain
3: rainy/6am-5pm/must be spring/hospital 
4: rainy/cant be summer/6am/lyells woods
5: rainy/8pm/cant be summer/cant be spring/town 
6:  rainy/cant be summer or spring/4pm/Lyells house
7: sunny/8pm-12pm/any season/saloon
8: sunny/5pm/any season/mountains 
9:rainy/9pm/any season/Lyells woods
10:  sunny/6am-5pm/must be winter/secret forest
11: rainy/6am-5pm/cant be summer or winter/mines
12: sunny/8pm-11pm/spring or summer/secret woods


These trigger out of order if you want.
1: any weather/9am-12am/must be spring/Lyells barn/4 hearts
2:any weather/6am-12pm/any season/lyells woods/3 hearts
3: sunny/6am-5pm/must be summer/beach
4. sunny/5pm-8pm/cant be fall or spring/bath house
5. sunny/9pm-11:40pm/any season/mountain

This entrance to his new map is located in the forest near the secret woods.

Spouse room template made  by HopeWasHere

Compatible with: 

Coriels Unique Dating Responses!
Minervamaga Jealousy Responses!
Karmylla's Immersive Maps!
 Stardew valley expanded!

Grammar and spelling fixes by AirynS
Sprite fixes by DaniAlbrtSancEs
Spanish translation by  Eros
Portuguese translation by brasileirotop