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This mod changes a few maps that are a bit empty. It adds new decoration, terrain features, and other things ! It will make your trips through these areas more fun :)

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Fox's Map Enhancer

This small mod changes the aspect of some maps that i judge less interesting than the other ones. It adds decoration, terrain features, and more to make them more fun to roam through ! 3 maps are already featured today : Backwoods, Beach/New Beach and Railroad ! This mod changes only these maps, they do not make changes to Characters, Events, etc...


-To install this mod, you first need  SMAPI and Content Patcher
-Then, just put the mod in your Stardew Valley Mods folder ! If you need help, you can use this guide.


Q: The mod does not work, but i don't get any errors !
A: It surely means that you have another mod conflicting with this one, check your Mods folder, and uninstall mods that could be conflicting.

Q:The mod doesn't manage to find folders like spring_town, fest or paths 
A: These files are tilesheets, if the mod can't find them, it means that you have modified them, do a check of your Stardew Valley files by using Steam.

Q: When i repair the bridge to the New Beach it turns into random tiles
A: This bug is known and i am currently looking for a fix, but it seems pretty complicated to find one weirdly. For now, a 1.1 version is available without the Beach edits.

Special Thanks:

The modding channel of the Stardew Valley discord server, which helped me a lot while doing this mod

Thank you for reading ! I hope you will download the mod, and if you do, have fun ! :)