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This MOD adds random "junk" mail to Stardew Valley as well as a player-configurable "you've got mail" notification. Junk mail runs the gambit from silly scams, NPC letters, postcards, and more. A lighthearted MOD that adds variety to your game. You can adjust the chance to receive junk from 0% to 100% depending on your taste! Silliness galore!

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This is my first MOD made mostly for learning the process, but it is still a fun addition to anyone looking for something different.  This MOD has a player-controlled chance to send a random "junk" mail to the player (main player only) at the start of each day.  It also adds a player-configurable "you've got mail" notification.  Junk mail is designed to be funny and ranges from common real-life junk mail as well as letters from Pelican Town residents   Each junk mail is sent only once so you will not read the same one over and over.  After all junk mail has been displayed you have the option to reset it or not.  It is designed to augment your game enjoyment not to be an annoyance!  Thanks in advance for giving it a try!