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Allows you to write about your day and keep notes about important events.

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In terms of changing the game,  this mod allows you to keep a Diary of your exploits and keep notes of things you wish to remember.  You have infinite pages for each day, and you can always go back to read what you wrote on previous days.  

1.5.5 Release notes:
  • Removed Dear Diary's ability to create blank pages as you cycle back to older entries.  Instead it will go back to the last valid date you have in your journal.
  • Added code to remove all blank pages in existing Journals.  This was made especially for people who used the mod for a while.
  • Fixed UI issue when zooming in and out (windowed mode still has problems.. only use in Windowed Maximized of Full Screen)
  • Fixed textbox to where it doesn't leave the field and stays legible.
1.4.3 Release notes:
  • Fixed logging so it's not flooding your SMAPI consoles.
1.4.2 Release notes:
  • Fixed the bug that prevented Linux users from deleting and stuff.
1.4 Release notes:
  • Fixed a bug where pressing 'e' would close the journal.
  • Added in Text color Change key
1.3.3 release notes:
  • Fixed problem the prevented mod from working on Mac.  
1.2 release notes:

Please be aware that there are more features that will  be added!  For now, you can do the following:

  • Press F5 to open the diary for the current day ~ Edit the config.json to change the key needed to open
  • Cycle through the pages of the viewed day
  • Cycle through the days of entries you have placed
  • Cycle through seasons!
  • Export your diary to a text file (found within the DearDiary mod folder)
  • Right Click anywhere to close the Diary!

Installation is easy

  1. Install the latest SMAPI
  2. Place this mod in your Mods folder

If you find any bugs or crashes, please immediately report the bug on the bug report page!
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Thanks to M3ales for giving the basic code and Pathoschild and spacechase0 for helping in updating, and refining with me.