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Add efficient and large-capacity Upgraded Preserves Jars based on Custom Farming Redux.

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Here is another solution to tons of vegetables or fruits you harvested. Just throw them into very few upgraded preserves jars easily.

4 new preserves jars are added to free your hands.

Compared with vanilla preserves jars, the processing time of upgraded ones is not changed, but the quantity of ingredients and products are both multiplied by:
  • Copper Preserves Jar - 5x
  • Iron Preserves Jar - 20x
  • Gold Preserves Jar - 80x
  • Iridium Preserves Jar - 320x

Recipe of one preserves jar = Wood*50 + Coal*40 + (this kind of metal bar)*5

Actually this mod is quite similar to my Upgraded Kegs. I thought you may have different preferences to kegs and jars so I did not combine them together. Of course it's OK to have both of them installed in the same time.

Automate and CFAutomate (in the Files tab of Custom Farming Redux) are recommended.

Custom Farming Redux is required. For CFR v2.9.10 or later, just extract mods into "\Stardew Valley\Mods" folder.

v1.1.0: CFR v2.10.16 now has some problems with custom machines that accept categories but not specific items. So I list all the ingredients in configuration to avoid the problems. Some strange problems for vanilla crops will no longer happen.