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Combine all farming tools to one button, using them depends on target
(Axe on tree. Pickaxe on stone. Shears on Sheep etc...)

Using farming tools while riding / walking
Using farming tools remotely

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What is this mod?
1. Combine all tools to one button, except weapons and fishing rod, using them depends on target.
2. Using farming tools based on the mouse position in unlimited range
3. Using farming tools while riding / walking.


Mining with a weapon only

Using tools while riding (the treasure chest is a artifacts spot)


How to install:
install SMAPI
Extract the folder "AlmightyTool" of the downloaded zip file to the "Stardew Valley\Mods\"
Backup your saves

Config Guide:
You can change the setting in "config.json" at your preference

 "AxeLevel": 4,
 "PickaxeLevel": 4,
 "HoeLevel": 4,
 "WaterCanLevel": 4
The level of tools.
options: 0 / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
0 = normal, 1 = copper, 2 = steel, 3 = gold, 4 = iridium

"KeyBind": "Q"
A keyboard key for using tools.
options: check out the list of keys at:

"HoeDirtTool": "Pickaxe"
options: "Hoe" / "Pickaxe" / "WateringCan"
Decide which tool use on tilled soil WITHOUT crop / fertilizer

"ShowWaterLeftMessage": true
options: true / false
true = show the message of water left when using watering can

"LongRange": true
options: true / false
true = use tools at the mouse position
false = use tools in front of the player

"usePailonOtherAnimals": true
options: true / false
true = you can get truffles from pigs before they found them.

Change Log:
2016/06/08, v1.01  
Fixed the problem of not using pail/shears when the target is animal.

Using scythe to dead crop now.
Increased priority of using shears / milk pail.
2x2 resources ( hollow log, stump, meteorite ) in the farm can be destroyed now.

2016/10/14, v1.10
Updated for SV 1.11, break down the toolLevel attribute.

Using axe to wood fences now.

Updated for SV 1.26, SMAPI 1.13.
Watering can and hoe AOE are now based on their levels.
Can get higher quality of animal products now.