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This mod turns your cat into a lovable, lazy, lasagna-eating animal. Disclaimer: lasagna not included.

Permissions and credits
This is a simple Content Patcher mod that replaces one of the cats with Garfield. Includes a custom icon.

This mod replaces the orange cat by default, but you can change the config either by editing config.json directly, or by installing and using Generic Mod Config Menu. Change "cat" to "cat1" to replace the grey cat, or to "cat2" to replace the yellow cat.

This mod works with 1.5. It will also work with 1.4 but you'll likely need to change the Content Patcher format to an earlier version.

- Install SMAPI
- Install Content Patcher
- (Optional) Install Generic Mod Config Menu
- Download the first file from this mod
- Open the downloaded file using an unzipping program and drag the folder inside into your \Stardew Valley\Mods folder
- Run the game using SMAPI
- (Optional) To change the config file, either close the game after running it once and then open up config.json, or open the Generic Mod Config Menu in your title screen and change the option there.