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A pottery kiln that produces glazed pottery. Uses 5 clay and 1 glaze material to produce 61 unique ceramic pots, which can then be sold or used as decorations around the farmhouse. The kiln itself can be purchased from Clint.

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Updated to PFM by hadiwrites42 ! Many thanks to them, I literally would not have been able to make this conversion myself. This mod is a million times better now thanks to their hard work ^^

Adds a new functional machine to the game that can be used to produce 61 unique ceramic pots ! Each pot is made using clay and another material which will determine the glaze color of the pottery produced.
Materials that can be used as glaze for pottery kiln include:
The kiln is a recolor of the charcoal kiln and can be purchased from Clint for 5000 gold. The kiln uses 5 clay as a starter.

The time required to produce each pot is determined by its monetary value. Cheaper pots will take one hour to produce. Mid-range pots will take two hours. The most valuable pots will take 5 hours, except for the Prismatic Pot, which takes 10 hours.

This mod requires: 
Producer Framework Mod
Json Assets

A big thank you to the creators of those mods, as I wouldn't have been able to create this without the wonderful resources/tools they've created!