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Sends player a mail to remind of villager's birthdays

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  • Spanish
As KathrynHazuka's  mod for birthday mail stopped working (and they've not promised an update so far), I made my own and here it is.
The character receives a reminder mail for villagers' birthdays.
The messages are sent by various villagers (in most cases a friend or family member) and include some hints for suitable presents (I'f I'd found how to make random suggestions,I'd have done that, now the message is always the same).

I've worked the texts in English and Finnish (which is meant for Stardew Finnish. Of course It doesn't require it!)  Translations welcome! 

Uses now Mail Framwork which should remove the problems with multiple letters on the same day.

Getting mails for Dwarf's birthday requires having some friendship with him. This was due to problems with conditions including  items.

New version for SDV 1.5. finally available (including Leo)
Special thanks for ltresoldi  for the Portuguese translation!

Now added a version that works with SVE. SVE version does not have a Finnish translation (as there is none for SVE). This does not replace the base version. SVE version has messages for the extra people in that mod and Krobus' condition is different. 

So: if you play with SVE, use the SVE version, if you don't use the "old" version.
SVE version is not updated.