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Adds 145 new pieces of furniture from Yellog's Pink Colored Furniture, using the Custom Furniture Library. All of them start with the prefix "Cute" and can be acquired through the Furniture Catalog or Robin's Shop.

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I enjoyed the adorable furniture in Yellog's Pink Colored Furniture that I decided to take it upon myself to convert it to a Custom Furniture Mod so that I could have both those pieces of furniture and others, without overwriting the original skins in the game. 

I took the original xnb file and took out all vanilla items, converting only items unique to Yellog's Pink Colored Furniture. Since we had to name all of them, if we couldn't tell what an item was, we decided to leave it out of the mod. If you have any suggestions as to what these unknown items are we would love to hear it, and try to add it in when we have time! 

I did all of the image processing work, rearranging the grid, and my sister typed up the JSON with all of the items. We hope you enjoy :)

In total there are 145 new pieces of furniture added by this mod. All of them are named starting with "Cute" so you can easily identify the items from this mod. You can acquire them either through the Furniture Catalog or Robin's Shop.


Note: I have reached out to the original creator of the assets within this pack (yewon11) asking for their blessing with this conversion, and have yet to hear back from them. Once I do, I will update this at once.