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Replaces the standard river map with a Summer-themed private beach, and a secret spirit isle grandpa left for you as his final wish!

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Celebrate the coming of summer in this warm coastal cove, left for you by your caring grandpa. You had a strange dream of arriving to see an unruly cluster of islands of weird dirt islands, but thank goodness this is what you found instead! 

As the coast of Stardew Valley eroded into this heavenly little private beach, your old man decided it was time to stake his claim. enjoy the warm summer shade under the palm trees as the seasonal rocks and dirt of the valley eases into your timelessly cozy little abode. The ocean is quite vast, however! to get to the forest, you'll need to take the old boat your grandpa left for you.

Seems that wasn't all he left you either... Attached to his will, you found a snippet saying his grave will bring you closer to his domain in the spirit world. How odd? (Interact with parts of Grandpa's Shrine to teleport to his final resting place, a hidden spirit cove in another realm!) Enjoy the view from the hills on your own little vacation-at -home,  and work under the warm sun to restore the farm to its former glory.

Hopefully Pierre will start to sell sunscreen.

All the sand and grass is tillable, so you're able to grow moderately sized mega-crops. Starting the map in multiplayer will create preset cabin locations depending on if you used the spread-out or tight-knit locations.

Everything being said, feel free to vote here and give me the willpower to make yet another map:

Huge thanks to DaisyNiko once again, for their Spring_Extras tileset. I don't know how I could make maps without such a pretty waterfall!

(entering the build screen with Robin will allow you to scroll over the entirety of the map, which lets you see the cutoff points of certain areas. This is unfortunately out of my control, due to the nature of sdv's maps and the fact that this mod is not dependent on MTN. Outside of that, the map will appear consistent and pretty in standard game play.)

Goes into smapi's Mods folder, alongside the content patcher. Learn to install Smapi here: