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This mod adds wyverns as a barn animal to the game using Better Farm Animal Variety, as well as one wyvern product

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This mod adds wyverns as a barn animal to the game using Paritee's Better Farm Animal Variety, found here. The BFAV 3.0 unofficial update is needed.

There are six different types of wyverns -Standard, Batlike, Devil, Gargoyle, Ice, and Starry- that can be purchased from Marnie after you get the Deluxe Barn. Each wyvern drops a wyvern scale, but will also occasionally drop iridium ore. They aren't really meant to be profitable; I just think wyverns are neat.


Big thanks to Silverdusk10 for redesigning the adult sprites and adding all new baby sprites. They also added a new animal shop icon. Due to Silverdusk10's hard work, the wyverns look much better and in-line with the Stardew Valley style.

Thank you to Mythicas for letting me use their beautiful dragon statue sprite mod to base the sprites off of. Also, thank you to Stardewforest for guiding me through the process of making a mod for BFAV. Please check out their cool crow mod for BFAV.

Installation Instructions:

Simply download both files and add them to your Mods folder.