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A conent patcher conversion / recolor mod of the realistic Victorian era inspired vintage bee houses created by catsine, from their Retextured Craftables mod. There is also an option for darker beehouses that match Eemie's Darker Wood and Gold Craftables created by Neonify. Now comes with a wintertime version recolored by me.

Permissions and credits
This is a Content Patcher conversion of Catsine's amazingly cute and realistic vintage bee houses inspired by the Victorian era, originally from their Retextured Craftables mod. You can choose between the original version or if you use Eemie's Darker Wood and Gold Craftables, there's a really cute darker bee house version just for that created by Neonify.

-There is now a wintertime version in the Darker Wood and Gold Craftables edition that Escap3Th3Ra1n was kind enough to automate with updated coding so you no longer have to swap the sprites out manually. To make this mod even more immersive, they even added coding conditional on being inside or outside so you won't have a snowy bee house inside!!

I will be working on adding seasonal spring, summer and fall bee houses for the next update ~

If you have any requests on a recolor you'd like the bee houses to match, let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen <3

I fell in love with how realistically life-like these bee houses were compared to the vast majority of retextures that I've seen - but I always just wanted the bee houses on their own without having to commit to changing all my other craftables for one thing. So I decided to have a go at making my first mod and threw together this simple standalone for myself. I especially love how cute they look when the honey is ready to be harvested,  like there's honey dripping down the bee boxes :)
I figured there had to be other people that would enjoy having these all over their farm as much as I do without having to give up their favorite craftables recolor/retexture mod!  

Some of my favorite cute aesthetic mods that also happen to go well with these bee houses : 
Basically everything created by DaisyNiko is amazing. Especially Stardew Valley Reimagined, Cuter Coops and Better Barns and Oasis Greenhouse, they're all great. Shes probably my favorite just for Capitalist Dream Farm alone. Her Stardew mod game slays my entire existence *hearteyesss*
Eemie's Darker Wood and Gold Craftables + English Lamp Posts + Flowers
Eemie's Victorian Mailbox
Zosa's Seasonal Crystal Lightning Rod
Seasonal Victorian Buildings
Seasonal Flowery Pink Houses
Flower Valley
Flowering Fields
A Toned Down Stardew Valley (town interior) 
Mizu's Flowers

All credit goes to the original mod creator Catsine/Ernest Ventures, for the adorable bee box retexture <3 
Uploaded with their permission.