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Change the grass for a more flowery grass. Currently with a lot of option, including random and custom random selection.

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This mod adds new options for grass during fall, summer and spring seasons. This mod should be compatible with existing recolor mods !

This mod now have options for spring and fall. It also adds 2 options for summer.
Spring and fall are using overlay, summer has option between overlay and replacing grass. If you feel that the same option of replacing grass may be useful for spring and fall, let me know.

Big new option : random feature.
With this option, grass will be different everyday, using one of the existing option. Note that due to grass weirdness, if you play without restarting the game, the existing grass will keep previous changes, when only new grass will change. This isn't on my side to fix, so consider this a strange feature :D

Big new option : custom random set.
I am proud to give you this feature (an actual feature, this time). If you like some flowers, you can make your custom random set using your favorite flowers of the season. You like dandelion and tulips in the spring option but not the other ones ? Use your favorite !
How to do ? Load the game once to create the config file. Open the config file and choose the different options you'll like to see in the random selection. The default config has some examples ! Separate each choice with a comma.

Remember to change the season color to the custom random set you want to use : example :
  "SpringColor": "randomspringcustom",

Save your change and load the game again !