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Adds a new location Mermaid Island with a new NPC, new fish to be catch, new foregeable items, 5 new events. Unlockable once you finish Fish Tank bundle/Joja Panning.

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  • Russian
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Mermaid Island is a small island between Pelican Town and the Fern Islands.

Once you receive your copper pan in the Glittering Boulder removal cutscene,  you will get a Willy cutscene where he says you can use his boat (to access the island. If you haven't yet,  you will need to fix the new beach bridge).

On the Island you will meet the Madam, who owns a bait shop.

Also, the island is the home of the lovely Ice Fox who's got a refreshment stand.

In this location you can find tropical fish and it even has its own Epic Fish.

The Mermaid Island contains three new forageable items.

Summer Market - contains shops for new trees, new craftables, some new recipes - occurs every summer the 15th and 16th.

Required Mods (this is all the mods you need to get it working):

Content Patcher
Event Repeater
Farm Type Manager 
Hisame's New Craftables
Hisame's New Recipes
Json Assets
More New Fish
More Trees
Fruits and Veggies
More Recipes
Mizu's Flowers
Mail Framework Mod

Thanks to daylightstanding for putting up the list

As usual: Translators are welcome to use our assets and publish their translated versions. Just make sure to link to the original for english version.

Add fish tank mod for the fish food in the Madam's shop. Otherwise it will just show up as weed. It's sort of an optional dependency. 

A big thanks to:
Platonymoushatmouse, Mousey, Rasmodius and Fippsie who kindly and patiently helped me with modding questions. RaiRai  who helped translate it to chinese.
And Eimiestardew, strangelyliteral for donating textures. And paradigmnomad for the inspiration on the fruit trees.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD FROM ANY OTHER WEBSITE! Nexus guarantees no viruses or other such issues. If you find our mods on other websites please tell us.

Places where you can reach me (Hisame, I did the art) :