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Digs artifact spots in a radius.

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Allows the player to dig up artifact spots in a configured radius.  Also lets the player decide whether or not it should shake bushes and/or trees with seeds ready,

The config file will be created for you after you run the game once. You can open the config.json file and modify it at anytime, once you save the file and hit F5 to reload the file in the game.

If you have Generic Mod Config Menu installed, you can edit the config in game.

"DigRadius" - The radius from the player that will be dug up. - ( Default: 1)
"HighlightArfiactSpots" - Whether the game should highlight artifact spots. - (Default: true)
"ArtifactScanKey" - The hotkey that will be used to dig up the artifact spot - (Default: Z)
"ShakeTrees" -  Whether or not the mod will shake Trees with seeds ready - (Default: false)
"ShakeBushes" -Whether or not the mod will shake Bloomed Bushes - (Default: false)