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This mod is used to plow, plant, grow, and harvest, all at once.

This might lag your game.

Please don't use this for your real saves :)

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This mod is used to plow a 9x9 area on your farm, plant crops of the seed you're holding in your hands, grow those crops, and harvest them all at once within a very short time. To do this, simply hold seeds in your hand and press J on your keyboard. The best way is to create a new game and use the parsnip seeds you get in the intro, as shown in the video below!

This is heavily inspired by the mod Point-And-Plant made by Nexus user jwdred, thanks! :)


Do not use this on existing save games!

I am not be responsible if this messes up your game in any way!

This might lag your game or PC.

Please do not use this mod, it's very boring if you do so for your real saves.