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Stardew Valley Reimagined

author: DaisyNiko
version: 1.5.0



> The new Trash Bear in Stardew Valley 1.4 causes an issue with the Forest map, so this mod's version of the Forest is disabled for now until I can figure out how to fix it.



* SMAPI 2.11 (required)

* Content Patcher 1.8 (required)

* Winter Grass (recommended)

* Reset Terrain Features (recommended)



1. Download and install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
2. Add the "[CP] Stardew Valley Reimagined" folder to Stardew Valley/Mods.
3. Run the game with SMAPI.


if you want to use the mod with an existing save...

1. Install this mod as normal.
2. Install Reset Terrain Features.
3. Press 'L' in-game and reset all the bushes, trees, and grass in each map.



Run the game once with SMAPI to generate a config.json file in this mod's folder. Right-click the file and open in Notepad to make changes.


> This is where you can list all the maps you DON'T want.
> If you want them all, leave it blank.
> If you want to ignore multiple maps, separate them with a comma.


> either "true" or "false"
> Set to true if you just want to use the vanilla festival maps.

> "Green" or "Orange"
> Only applicable if you use Eemie's Just Another Map Recolour


"MapsToIgnore": "BusStop, Woods, Town",
"IgnoreFestivals": "true",
"EemieFallVariant": "Orange"



> Download the optional Compatibility Patches folder from the Stardew Valley Reimagined Nexus page for conflicting mods.

> For Extended Minecart users, make sure you're using the ALTERNATE desert minecart location (select it in the Extended Minecart mod's config file).

> Not compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded.



> If you have bushes and trees in weird places, follow the steps listed above to use the mod with a new save.

> If you exit a map and are warped to the wrong place, you've likely got a conflicting mod. Look at your SMAPI console -- it will tell you which mods are conflicting. Then delete one of them. Also check for a patch in this mod's optional Compatibility Patches download.

> Known issue: NPCs doing the egg hunt with you during the Egg Festival will stop walking around as soon as they run into something. Everything works fine. It just looks weird. If it bothers you, set "IgnoreFestivals" to true in the config.json.



> The Legend can be found by fishing from the small area down the ladder next to the waterfall at the mountain lake.

> The Angler can be found by fishing at the very top of the river in the town, right at the mouth of the cave where the river comes out.



* EemieStardew for the flowers

* Maleha for the waterfalls

* FawnGlade for orange fall tilesheets for Eemie's recolour

* Various different people for translations. Please see the "Permissions and credits" section on the Nexus page for their info.


That's it. Enjoy. xx