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Makes Pierre not suck

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Greatly inspired by DaisyNiko's Tolerable Demetrius mod.

So I play with a CP buffet of dialogue mods and realised when watching YT videos... how much vanilla Pierre sucks. So this mod improves him.
(copycating DaisyNiko's description starts now!)

★ awkward small business dad! — now with 100% less mr krabs greed and 50% more love for his family ★


  • changes abigail's event and the secret stash event so he's not sexist and hiding things from his wife. The latter event is now focused on you being in the wrong for creepin'
  • changes dialogue so he and his wife actually loves each other now, and he has a life outside running his shop wow
  • removes/vagues up the whole Wizard Affair thing because tbh I hate that, and also in my game, the wizard is a woman around Abigail's age so it made no sense
  • he now actually credits you if you sell him produce and then he sells it seriously wtf pierre.


  1. install the latest versions of smapi and content patcher
  2. unzip mod folder into stardew valley/mods
  3. that's it. congrats