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Adds Large Chests, Magic Chests, and Super Magic Chests to the game. Large Chests have double the capacity of normal chests, while Magic Chests have infinite scrollable capacity. All Super Magic Chests share the same inventory so you can access the same items from anywhere.

Permissions and credits
This mod is now being maintained by furyx639. Thank you AmazingAlek for such a great mod!
Mega Storage adds two new chests to the game, the Large Chest and the Magic Chest. The Large chest has a larger capacity than the default chest with 72 slots. The Magic chest has infinite storage. The recipes are completely customizable from the config.json file that generates in the Mod folder after the first run.

Large Chest
Capacity: 72 items (6 rows).

  • 100 Wood
  • 5 Copper Bar
  • 5 Iron Bar

Magic Chest
Infinite scrollable capacity.

  • 100 Hardwood
  • 5 Gold Bar
  • 5 Iridium Bar
  • 50 Solar Essence
  • 50 Void Essence

Super Magic Chest
Infinite scrollable capacity and telepathically connected inventory.

  • 100 Hardwood
  • 5 Gold Bar
  • 5 Iridium Bar
  • 50 Solar Essence
  • 50 Void Essence

From v1.2.0 you can filter chest contents by clicking on the categories to the left of the chest inventory. There are 7 categories with vanilla icons, but the names and contents are customizable from your config.json file. Default categories include the following items:
  • All
  • Crops: Forage, Fruit, Flower, Vegetable
  • Seeds: Seed, Fertilizer
  • Materials: Mineral, Resource, Crafting, Monster Loot
  • Cooking: Cooking, Animal Product, Artisan Goods
  • Fishing: Fish, Fishing Tackle, Bait
  • Misc: Tool, Footware, Ring, Furniture, Decor, Artifact, Trash, (no category)

Names, descriptions, and recipes are configurable in Json Assets format under assets/JsonAssets/BigCraftables/ChestName/big-craftable.json

  • Requires SMAPI.
  • Supports multiplayer and controllers.
  • Compatible with Chests Anywhere, Stack Everything, Automate, Carry Chest and content packs for Content Patcher and Json Assets.
  • Categories are disabled by default when used with Convenient Chests to avoid the overlapping UI.
  • Mostly compatible with Save Anywhere (after saving chests will appear to convert to regular chests, but will be restored if you return to the title and reload the game).

Is this safe?
Before saving, all Mega Storage Chests are converted to normal chests. After saving, they are converted back. This makes sure your items aren't lost, even if uninstalling this mod. Normal chests actually have infinite capacity, it's only when adding items one at a time they are limited to 36 capacity.

If you lose any items or custom chests don't convert back from normal chests, please report a bug with a detailed description of what happened. If you save, the issue will become permanent, so please consider reloading instead, even if you lose a days progress.

  • Inspired by Magic Storage for Terraria.
  • Custom sprites by Revanius.
  • Convenient Chests save fix by MaienM.
  • SDV 1.4 compatibility by Mizzion.
  • Originally authored by AmazingAlek.

The beta version 1.4.5 now supports an API for additional integration with other mods.

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