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This mod add perks to you based on the NPC you have married.
Includes one triggering event for each of the NPC, with a context.

Some Custom NPCs are added as well.

Compatible with SVE, More New Fish, Animal Rebalance, Easter Egg

Abigail: Slime Eggs are 25% more valueable, Solar and Void Essence are twice as valuable and Combat Items Recipes have decreased requirements!
Alex: Food buffs will be twice as stronger and last twice as much!
Elliott: Easier recipes for tackles, More efficient when crafting baits, crab pot and beach forageable items worth 50% more (works with More New Fish)!
Emily: Gems and Minerals are 50% more valueable!
Haley: Flower and Fruits from trees values are increased in 50% (applies to Wine, Jelly and Honey made using them)!
Harvey: Cooked Dishes Heal and Regenerate 50% more Stamina, Life Elixir no longer requires purple mushroom, New Crafting Recipes: Energy Tonic and Muscle Remedy
Leah: Wood, Stone and Hardwood requirements are reduced in 50% when crafting. Crafting fences, floors, fertilizers and ancient seeds will produce twice!
Maru: New Crafting Recipes: Transmute (Ir) and Battery Packs, machine requirements have been reduced (either the number of bars or the type of bars)!
Penny: Artifacts are twice as valueable!
Sam: New Crafting Recipe: Soda Machine, Weekly receive a random gift through mail from Sam's fans!
Sebastian: Gold cost for buildings reduced in 25%(Robin's Only)!
Shane: Increased 25% value of animal goods and artisan goods produced with them (Truffles not included)!

Custom NPCs:
John - Monsters deal 20% less damage, Yoba Ring requires less metal bars and can be crafted using any gem
Lyell - Reduces in 2 days growth time for crops or in 1 day the growth time and 1 the regrowth time (crops that have very short growth periods will not be affected).
Raphtalia - New Crafting Recipe: Mushroom Box, Wild Seed will produce twice, Field Snack will heal twice as much and grant foraging bonus, foraged items are 50% more worthy (Syrups and Truffles included)!
Shiko - New Cracting Recipe: Statue of Endless fortune (250 Gold Bars, 5 Prismatic Shards and 5 Fairy Stones - still much cheaper than buying one)!
Sorren - Cave Carrots will heal twice as much and grant Mining, Magnetism and Defense, Monsters will have 25% less HP and Crafting Bombs will produce 3!
Victor - Reduces in 20% material requirements from Buildings (Robin's Only)!
Paul - Improves your sight (Receive a small percentage to find new items in artifact spots - depending on the location :
Treasure Chests 1%, Prismatic Shards 2%, Pearls 2% - Beach, Desert
Iron Ore 15%, Iridium Ore 5% and Gold Ore 10% - Mountain, Railroad - small chance
Eggs 15% to 20% (depending on the type) and Feathers 10% - Forest, Backwoods, BusStop - moderate chance
Gold Bars 5% - Town - small chance)
Gregory - Access to a new weapon and boot, access to Adventurer's Guild weapon cathalogue (can purchase some hard/impossible to obtain weapons and boots)
Sheila - New Animals (and once we have SMAPI 3.0 existing animals) will have their production time reduced in 1 day(works with Trent's Custom Animals - it kinds of outscale Shane's but this perk is ineffective for animals that produce everyday - so although you'll be getting better value from some animals, other's you won't),
Mona - Dwarf Scrolls will now be sold at 1000g, periodically receive letters from her brother with gifts (it can be artisan goods, batteries, sprinklers and medicine),

Added Looking for Love and Robin as valid entries:

Robin (Instead of Triggering Event you get a letter): 50% Less Furniture Prices!
Wizard: Resource Requirements removed from Junimo Hut , Earth and Water Obelisk,  Gold Clock is 1% cheaper!
Willy: Fish with a difficult over 70 will have it's movement partern changed to smooth (making them easier to catch)!
Lewis (Instead of Triggering Event you get a letter from the Governor): Agricultural fund increased from 500g to 2500g!
Marnie: New Craft Recipes - Heater and Auto-Grabber!
Clint: Metal Bars and Refined Quarts 50% more, Prismatic Shard Crafting Recipe!
Linus: Higher Spawn rates and chance to spawn Mushrooms and Fruits  from Trees in Backwoods, Bus Stop, Town, Forest, Mountain and Railroad!
Pam: Pale Ale and Mead worth 50% more!
Sandy: Starfruit, Rhubarb and Beets worth 25% more!
Gus: Cooked Dishes will now grant you a buff (the ones that didin't previously)!


Please report any bugs! I haven't got time to test every single one.

I'm no longer chasing NPC modders to add the perks, the mod itself is big and I am running out of ideas, also I'm not adding perks for NPCs not being maintained - if you do want a new NPC to be included though please ask the author to message me and I'll be glad to include it!

Note that the changes will apply to items produced after the mod installation and after the marriage.

I have not idea if:
A) It works with gender bending mods;
B) It works with polygamy mod.
Should you require any assistance I will be glad to provide!