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Diverse Stardew Valley edits the villagers of Pelican Town to add ethnic, cultural, gender identity and body type diversity. The mod includes a full set of seasonal outfits for every character, and the ability to choose between DSV and vanilla variants — or disable parts of the mod entirely to use other NPC mods instead.

Permissions and credits
Other websites are stealing mods from Nexus and uploading them without permission, while earning money on each mod they steal.  Our mod is found on the two sites listed above and no where else.

NOTICE: The 2.1.2 update is the final update here on Nexus Mods. All future updates, add-ons, and new packs will be released ONLY on Moddrop. The bug reports tab here on Nexus will be permanently closed; you may report bugs on Moddrop or via our Github repository. The comments tab will remain open with the same guidelines as it currently has; any bugs reported here will not be addressed unless they are also posted to the correct places as listed above. Thank you all for the tremendous support and love for this mod!

Welcome to Diverse Stardew Valley!

Diverse Stardew Valley edits the villagers of Pelican Town to add ethnic, cultural, gender identity and body type diversity. The mod includes a full set of seasonal outfits for every character, and the ability to choose between DSV and vanilla variants — or disable parts of the mod entirely to use other NPC mods instead.

The Diverse Stardew Valley project was started by notsnufffie, and is now being continued by the community. The art and coding of this mod was made by the DSV Team with the help of many generous contributors. ***Here is a complete spreadsheet of DSV's credits!***

A complete visual readme and configuration guide can be found in the download!

  • Modded and vanilla character variants
  • In-character and weather-appropriate outfits for every season, indoors and out
  • Special outfits for festivals
  • Special location-specific outfits for certain characters, such as a doctor's coat for Harvey
  • Swimwear on the beach in summer and in the bathhouse for certain characters
  • Random Flower Queen integration
  • Special character-specific options such as glasses, tattoos, and piercings
  • Maternity outfits for the bachelorettes when pregnant
  • Fiances/spouses wear mermaid pendants
  • A cute service dog for Linus!
  • Marriage candidates wear pyjamas in the morning & evening at home and at the farmhouse

This mod requires Content Patcher! Simply unpack and place the "[CP] Diverse Stardew Valley" folder into your Mods folder. 

You can choose which version of each character you would like to use in the config, as well as disable any characters that you may want to use another mod for.

For more detailed installation instructions, check out the readme included in the download.

If you are updating DSV, delete any previous files from your Mods folder before moving the new files.

NOTE: We do not recommend using Vortex to install Diverse Stardew Valley or other SDV mods. Vortex sometimes fails to correctly remove files when updating or removing mods, which can cause problems. Thanks to SMAPI and Content Patcher, SDV mods are simple to install or uninstall manually.

Config Options
To simplify the process of configuring this mod, we recommend that you use the Generic Mod Config Menu, which will also allow you to configure all your other content packs in-game. Alternatively, you can open the pre-made example-config.json file from the mod folder with a text editor on your computer. If this is your first time using the mod, rename the file to config.json for its settings to be recognized by the mod. A full list of the options and the choices for each one is included in the PDF readme and is available to view on the DSV wiki.

 Some options in the config.json only apply to certain variants of characters or depend on the values of other options. Do not delete options from the config file even if they seem irrelevant to your game! If for some reason you delete, rename or corrupt the config.json file, it will be recreated automatically the next time the game launches, with default options selected.

If you would rather not select individual character options or would like to jump straight in with modded characters variants, DSV includes two “premade_config_1.json" and “premade_config_2.json” sample files with a random selection of non-vanilla character options - simply rename one to config.json and play.

The readme is available to download separately from the Miscellaneous Downloads section, available in three different fonts to hopefully assist users with dyslexia. We're also interested in translating our readme to different languages - if you're a translator and would like to help out, we'd love to hear from you!

To use different portrait/character sprite mods with DSV, just set the affected characters’ variants to “off” in this mod. Many alternate character designs from other modders (including all of the variants from previous versions of the mod) can be found in the optional Add-On character packs, available to download from the Add-Ons and Compatibility page of the DSV wiki.

Incompatible Mods
  • Stardew Valley Expanded: We will not offer compatibility support for Stardew Valley Expanded, so if you are using SVE, you must turn Sandy to "off" in either SVE or DSV, set Gunther, Marlon, and Morris to "off", and set Linus to "off" or "vanilla" in DSV's configuration options. Please see the DSV Compatibility readme or the DSV wiki for more information.
  • Seasonal Villager Outfits and Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic: Diverse Stardew Valley is not compatible with Seasonal Villager Outfits or Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic, as the three mods have the same function and both SVO and SCA affect all characters. However, Diverse Stardew Valley also includes seasonal outfits for all of the vanilla characters, so DSV can be used as a replacement for SVO if you prefer the vanilla character designs.
  • Random Flower Queen : Due to different code structures, Candidus's original Random Flower Queen is not compatible with DSV, but they have generously allowed us to replicate their mod features. Please endorse the original to show support!
  • Seasonal Treehouse for Linus and other mods that change Linus's tent: These mods are incompatible with Linus's modded variant, as they break the pathing and schedule of his service dog, Marigold. However, they are compatible if Linus is set to "off" or "vanilla".

Mods with Built-In Compatibility
  • Surfing Festival : DSV is compatible with Surfing Festival by default and characters will wear swimwear at the festival.
  • Shane's New Job : The latest version of DSV (available on ModDrop) is compatible with Shane's New Job by default and Shane's new animations will automatically detect the correct variant and outfit.
  • No More War - Kent as Journalist: If No More War is detected, DSV will ensure that Kent does not wear his military uniform at the Flower Dance.
  • Marnie Deserves Better: The latest version of DSV is compatible with Marnie Deserves Better by default and will automatically patch her custom sprites with the correct variant and outfit.
  • Fall 28 Snow Day: The latest version of DSV is compatible with Fall 28 Snow Day and characters will wear appropriate clothing for snow in fall.
  • Ridgeside Village: The latest version of DSV includes automatic support for Ridgeside Village so that Pelican Town NPCs will wear appropriate festival outfits if attending Ridgeside's festivals. Thanks to Rafseazz for the assistance in setting this up!
  • Platonic Partners and Friendships: The latest version of DSV is compatible with PPAF via a configuration option to set NPCs as platonic. It will provide appropriate no-blush overlays according to the character variant and includes unique commitment ceremony outfits for each character.
  • Isla - Custom NPC: The latest version of DSV will automatically detect if Isla's mermaid show sprites are installed and will ensure that they load over DSV's optional mermaid edits.

Mods with Downloadable Compatibility Patches
  • Make Gunther Real: Enables compatible sprites & portraits for DSV's modded Gunther variant and compatible seasonal outfits.
  • Make Marlon Real: Enables compatible sprites & portraits for DSV's modded Marlon variant and compatible seasonal outfits.
  • Romanceable Rasmodius: Enables compatible sprites & portraits for DSV's modded Wizard variant and compatible seasonal outfits.
  • Museum Expansion: Enables seasonal outfits for Museum Expansion's version of Gunther.
  • Rival Events for Sam and Sebastian: Ensures that the custom sprites & portraits provided by Rival Events for Sam and Sebastian match the updated DSV versions of Sam and Sebastian, as well as enabling DSV's additional options for these characters.

If you need help with the mod, please feel free to ask us on our Moddrop page or on our Discord server!