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A mod that replaces Harvey with Midoriya. Uses akarihora's portrait/sprite, with updated dialogue for pre/post-marriage and fully unique heart events.

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Hey everyone! 

A while ago, I came across this mod by akarihora. When I downloaded it, I realized that there were some problems and took it upon myself to fix them, as reports on the original mod's page went unanswered for months and months. 

This mod replaces Harvey with Midoriya Izuku from My Hero Academia. Below are the features that originally came with the mod:
- Dialogue files for pre-marriage
- Custom sprite
- Custom portrait

Here is a list of changes I made to the mod on my own:
- Minor edits to improve quality of portrait and fix the sizing-issue that was prevalent in the original mod.
- Changed Midoriya's wedding outfit from a basic suit to his suit from the movie Two Heroes.
- Changed some of the colors on his sprite to improve quality and more-closely follow his design from the anime. 
- Major fixes to the original dialogue in terms of sentence structure, grammar, and topic.
- Entirely new marriage dialogue, as the original mod did not include post-marriage dialogue files. 
- A complete set of heart events.
- Edits to bedroom and spouse room.
- Changed dialogue for all festivals.
- Minor mentions in game files to "Harvey" have been switched to Midoriya.

I did NOT make the portrait and sprite, only made minor changes to improve the quality. The original artwork of this mod was made by akarihora, and in their absence I've made the necessary improvements to make this mod actually usable and to add a story and make it more immersive.

There are 10 heart events, with 6 of the heart events being entirely new, and two of them being re-works of Harvey's original events. Also included are 2 after-marriage heart events. There is a readme in the zip of how to activate the heart events, but I made them pretty easy to find and qualify for. 

Planned upcoming features:
- Changes to the hospital to turn it into a hero agency. Who needs medical help when Midoriya is there?
- Further updates to portrait and sprite.

Bakugou is currently in the works.

To manually download this mod:
- Download the .zip file.
- Move the main folder ("Midoriya Replaces Harvey") into your mods folder.