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Gives Maru a cool new hairstyle and a button-up shirt, cause she deserves it.

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Just what it says on the tin - gives Maru twists and a new outfit. This is a simple portrait + sprite mod and doesn't edit dialogue. You'll need to install Content Patcher and SMAPI first, then just drag and drop the unzipped folder into your mods folder.

This does conflict with other mods that change Maru's portraits and sprites, so if you're using a mod that changes everyone's outfit you may need to either replace the png files in that mod with this one or edit their content.json file. However, that should be the only conflict to my knowledge.

If you have any issues, please let me know so I can try to fix them. I'm not sure if SMAPI 3.0 or Stardew 1.4 will change anything about the way portraits work, but if anything needs to be reformatted I'll try to update in a timely manner. Thanks!